Facing Internet Connection Issues – Update your Driver

Are you facing internet connection issue in your PC? , if you are facing it, then you can self correct this issue, by updating the internet driver.

Internet Driver is the program which helps your computer hardware to connect to the Internet connection so  that you can get connected to the outside world using internet.

How to Update Internet Driver?

Updating the internet driver is an easy process. You can download and install the driver update directly from intel website, according to your PC. Another way is to follow some steps;

  1. Go to This PC
  2. Right Click 
  3. Go to Properties.
  4. Go to Device Manager in Properties.
  5. In that you can find the Network Adapter’s.
  6. Update the Network Drivers. 

Here you go, now just connect to the Internet and work is finished.

device manager
driver update

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