Vi Postpaid Plans – ₹399, ₹499, ₹699, ₹1099 | Plan of ₹699 & above provides you unlimited data

Vi Postpaid Plans – ₹399, ₹499, ₹699, ₹1099 | Plan of ₹699 & above provides you unlimited data

Vi is the third largest Telecom operator in India. After the merger of Vodafone India and Idea Cellular, the new brand came out is Vi (Formerly Vodafone Idea LTD.) After the complete merger, Vi started deploying 4G on 900Mhz band in nearly all the cities. Vi has started shutting down its 3G services following the Bharti Airtel. Vi has shut down its 3G services in some parts of Maharashtra, Gujrat and Delhi NCR. Now Vi is planning to launch WiFi Calling or VOWIFI, in simpler terms WiFi Calling helps the customer to place calls over the WiFi network regardless of being a Home or a Public place WiFi. WiFi Calling has been launched by Airtel in late 2019, and by Jio in early 2020, this helped their customers to survive in the Coronavirus Pandemic. Now, Vi is at the edge of launching its WiFi Calling feature, as soon as the 3G services of Vi shuts down, WiFi calling will soon be applicable to all Vi Customers.

Now, coming to Vi Postpaid Plans. The Vi Postpaid plans are starting from ₹399 + 18%GST, and continues to ₹499, ₹699 & ₹1099, with 18%GST extra. Vi will start WiFi Calling facility firstly for its Postpaid customers then it will rollout to its Prepaid customers. Now talking about Vi ₹399 plan – it comes with 40GB of data, Unlimited calling and 100SMS per month, its total price which you have to pay monthly is ₹399 + 18%GST = ₹471.

The next plan is of ₹499, which comprises of 75GB 4G data, with unlimited calling throughout India and 100SMS per month. The total price of this plan is ₹499 + 18%GST = ₹589. This plan provides 35GB extra data compared to its previous plan of  ₹399, where as in the comparison of price is only ₹102.

Now, the plan comes with unlimited data and a lot of perks like Amazon prime video, Zee 5 Premium and Vi Movies and TV app subscription. This plan provides you unlimited data with no capping at all. It is of ₹699 + 18%GST = ₹825. This plan comes with unlimited data, unlimited calling and 100SMS per month, after reaching 100SMS limit it will start you billing on each SMS.

The final postpaid plans is obviously the most expensive plan offered by Vi, which costs you ₹1099 + 18%GST = ₹1297 ~ ₹1300 per month. This plan has all the benefits of ₹699 plan, but the major change in this plan is that it comes with the Netflix TV plan clubbed with it worth ₹5988 & Provides you some special rates while calling out of India. The major benefit is it provides you free 4 lounge access to Indian as well as International Airports, with in India. If you subscribe to this pack then you won’t be able to close this pack for next 6 months, or you have to pay ₹3000 for de subscribing this pack. 

For more details on these pack you can visit Vi official website, that is or directly click here.

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