Blogger VS

Blogger VS

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a Blog Publishing website, which allows you to create your own custom website easily using free templates, and publish your own blogs on your own personal website. You can get your free website on Blogspot subdomain or you can buy a custom domain. 

What is

WordPress is a blog publishing service which allows you to create, your own personal website, or E commerce store. WordPress ORG is a free service which allows you to create your own personal website for free using free themes and plugins. You even can edit your HTML, CSS and PHP codes and replace with your own codes. There are paid plugins and themes available to choose from, which helps you to add some extra functionality. 

Blogger VS
Free Subdomain of Blogspot.comPaid Domain name
Free Hosting of BlogPaid Web Hosting
Free SSL Security by GooglePaid SSL Security
Free TemplatesFree & Paid templates both
Moderate to useSlight Difficult to use
No Functionality could be addedMore Functionality could be added by using Free or Paid plugins
Not highly customizedCan be highly customized

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