Vodafone WiFi Calling: When will it come to India

Telecom market of India has three major players which run Indian telecom market in a very efficient manner. The companies are Vodafone-Idea, Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio. Besides another companies in the Indian telecom market like MTNL, BSNL they provide more features and benefits to the customers. Customers sometimes enjoy the services of the companies, but some-time’s the services are awful. The company recently in 2017 launched its VoLTE services in India which helps the customer to place the call with the help of 4G data. 4G VoLTE is the service which has benefits like, placing the call on 4G network, using the 4G mobile data during a call, better call connectivity and much more. But recently the companies launched its new service named as WIFI Calling, which provides the customers to place the call over any Wi-Fi network, either a home Wi-Fi or a Public Wi-Fi.

This service of Wi-Fi calling was firstly launched by Airtel on 19 December 2019 in India, after that Reliance Jio followed it on 8 January 2020. Airtel is still lagging in its Wi-Fi calling facility as its not having all the mobile phone supported for its Wi-Fi calling feature, which is also known as simply VoWIFI. Airtel is slowly working on the smartphone’s compatibility, as it is adding some of the new phones of the manufacturer of Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, etc. on the weekly basis. Whereas on the other hand Reliance Jio support most of the Wi-Fi calling devices and is present in all the states, all over the India. Airtel gradually started rolling out this service from New Delhi, then to other cities.

Vodafone WiFi Calling

Vodafone India has launched its Super VoLTE service for Indian customers on 21 May 2018. Vodafone news by Communications Today came that June 2019 according to the reports it may replicate its VoWIFI services ( Wi-Fi calling ) from UK to India. As you may know that Vodafone UK has been running Wi-Fi calling services for last 3 years as of now. So Vodafone Idea LTD has to just replicate and test the services before the launch.

Vodafone is the only telecom operator that has roots in International territories and as well as India. While Vodafone Wi-Fi calling is in Australia, UK, where as Vodafone India Wi-Fi calling feels pretty far-fetched. Before Vodafone-Idea merger, according to the reports Idea was about to launch its Wi-Fi calling services, across India. But due to the merger and mass rollout of this service Idea cellular LTD stopped rolling this service out for the customers. Once Vodafone Idea LTD launches its VoWIFI services through out India, it may lag a bit behind the other Telcos as in the race of 5G spectrum auction, due to the issue of AGR dues. Vodafone Idea is the India’s 2nd largest company in telecom sector, but waiting eagerly to rollout its services of Wi-Fi calling in India.

As of  now, in India coronavirus in India, Vodafone Idea may face some issues while deploying the Wi-Fi calling feature as the China is on shutdown on all of its services. So, telcos has to pay higher amount to other countries workman to get their work done. As soon as the China Market opens up you can expect the Wi-Fi calling feature from Vodafone Idea LTD.

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