Top 3 Broadband Companies in 2023 Q1

Top 3 Broadband Companies in 2023 Q1

Broadband market has changed a lot specially after the launch of 5G in India. Fifth generation of networks has taken the speeds upto 2.6Gbps, specially when you are near a fiberised tower. Else, you may see the speeds of 5G around 50Mbps – 900Mbps. Now, when we talk about broadband, we talk about stable connectivity, stable speeds and a FTTH connections.

The approximate internet speed in broadband is minimum to minimum 40Mbps. As this speed offers a 4K streaming, with games downloading and playing for upto 2 users at max. As we increase our budget, the prices gets increased simultaneously, therefore we have the broadband speed of 1Gbps at maz, ranging between the budget of ₹2000 – ₹5000 exclusive of GST. Therefore, in a competative market, its very difficult for a company to expand its operations over cites and sustain their.

So, we at Tech A2Z Info came up with some results on the basis of our calculations and populerness, we came with a Top 3 Broadband Providers name. These broadband providers are commonly known and available in most of the cities of India. The results are specially applied to the people of Delhi – National Capital Territory of India.

Top 3 Broadband Companies in year 2023 Q1

  1. Tata Sky Broadband Pvt. Ltd. (Now, Tata Play Broadband) – The reason for making this on top performer of the year is their quality of services. The provide a vast range of speeds along/besides landline telephonic connectivity.
  2. Excitel Broadband – The reason for making it the second best is the prices at which they provide their internet services in over 25+ cites and expanding. They basically have the speeds upto 400Mbps, along all cities and pure FTTH connections.
  3. ACT Fibernet (Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd.) – They have been a little lagging behind the first two, just due to their customer support and software systems. Actually, ACT Fibernet had might be on top due to its symmetric speeds, and stable connections.

These are our findings of these companies and listed them accordingly. Please let us know, about your thoughts in the comments section. We love to hear from you all, but we hate spam too. If you find it incorrect or incomplete then do let us know at

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