Jio 5G Trials In India

Reliance Jio is one of the popular telco of India. Jio was introduced by Reliance Industries which has been owned by Mukesh Ambani, one of the richest men of India. Jio telecommunication was introduced in the year 2016, with the Jio Phone and Jio 4G services. Jio is running its services in all the circles of India. Jio is now the largest telco operator of India, with around 340 Million devices connected to its network. Jio is one of the first telecom company who had introduced LTE (Long Term Evolution) in India. Jio recently introduced the new feature of Wi-Fi calling which lets users to make calls over the WIFI network. Reliance Jio Wi-Fi calling comprises of nearly all the smartphones and tablets enabled. Jio introduced a new device named as Jio-Fi which allows users to use Jio high speed 4G internet and call via Jio Calling app, which is available on Play Store and App Store. Reliance Jio introduced its two budget-oriented smartphones named as Jio-Phone 1 and Jio-Phone2. Jio-Phone 1 was introduced nearly 2 years ago, it was 4G compatible and allow users to surf the internet on 4G speeds, it was based on KaiOS. Whereas Jio-Phone2 was a dual sim phone in which you have the opportunity of one Jio 4G sim and any other 2G sim of Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL and MTNL.

About JIO 5G Trials

Reliance Jio owner Mr. Mukesh Ambani’s meeting with Donald Trump, recently in India, in the meeting Mukesh Ambani told Donald Trump that his company may not use even a single part in the infrastructure of 5G network. That is there will be no involvement from Huawei 5G.

Reliance Jio in house 5G model:

Reliance Jio is trying to make its own 5G infrastructure with its own technology, it has given upon the technology of Huawei and Nokia for even 4G, as well as Oracle 4G voice technology with its own. This is the first time that the Telco has replaced the third-party technology from its own. They have developed end to end around 5G technology. They have been using their own native cloud platforms for automotive systems.

Having a high-end technology like end to end 5G technology will help Jio to use it for security, surveillance using drones, industrial IOT (Internet of Things). The broadband and voice will be base for their technology.

In India 5G trials:

Reliance Jio is trying to do 5G trials in India, recently they asked for the permission for 5G trials from TRAI. Reliance Jio has developed its own 5G network to reduce dependency upon foreign vendors. They have developed end to end 5G technology, which makes them more scalable and reliable than others. As they are using the automated cloud platforms, which helps them to do things in an ease.

Jio has designed its own hardware for 5G technology, which can be made in India once 5G trials are done in India when 5G trials are successful with the IOT. Jio has carried 5g trials with European vendors like Ericsson, Nokia, and Chinese giant Huawei, while BSNL is tying up with another Chinese vendor, ZTE.

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