How to port your Mobile Number to any other Telecom Operator – Airtel/Vodafone/Jio

How to port your Mobile Number to any other Telecom Operator – Airtel/Vodafone/Jio

Are you frustrated with your current network provider? If Yes, then please read the full post to know more about Porting your mobile number to any other telecom operator. 

Porting mobile number is very easy, even during lock-down time. Now the basic question arises that, to what operator do you want to change? Before changing to another operator please be sure that you have the proper signal reception and network coverage around your house, even the indoor coverage. If you have any other network sim or number, please check the network coverage, call quality on a sample call, and the data speed. 

If you have checked that all you must be ready with some basic key points before porting to another operator. 

  1. Your number should be at least 90 days old activated.
  2. If using a postpaid number, clear all the pending dues.
  3. Try not to port if the billing cycle of your postpaid number is near around 5-7 days, try porting in new billing cycle.
  4. Read all the terms and conditions of the other telecom operator, before generating a porting request.
  5. If porting request is generated, even then you can cancel your porting request within 24 hours of generating.

Now, if you are clear with all your questions then go and generate your unique porting code. If you have still any issue ask me by putting your comment below.

Please do remember that porting online will only work for the postpaid customers. If you are a prepaid customer then you can port to any other company postpaid plan, or if you are a postpaid customer then you can port to any other company postpaid plan. Please check the postpaid plans of the company in which you want to port to.

To generate the unique porting code, go to text messaging app in your phone and do the following.

  1. Type the message as PORT 99XXXX99XX
  2. Send the above message to 1900, here 99XXXX99XX should be replaced with your mobile number.

Then you will get your unique porting code by the message from 1901. There it will be mentioned that:

The UPC for your mobile no. 99XXXX99XX is ZZXXXXXX, valid upto XX-XX-XX XX:XX. Do not share UPC with anyone except the recipient operator personnel.

Now you have to go to any of your new network provider website like Vodafone Idea, Airtel or Jio. 

Vodafone Idea postpaid plans – Vodafone Red (starting from 399 + taxes)

Airtel Postpaid plans – Airtel 4G (starting from 499 + taxes)

Jio Postpaid plans – Jio 4G (starting from 199 + taxes + IUC extra)

Now, go to the any of the above link and register yourself for the porting. Please make sure that you fill out the correct details. No MNP charges are given online i.e. no company takes MNP charges as per my knowledge. 

Note: I or we do not promote any company, this all information given to you was for your own personal knowledge. We do not want you to get into any kind of trouble during online porting. If you have any issues regarding porting please call to the customer care of the company in which you want to port. Last but not least, the porting criteria is on the customer risk.

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