Is Airtel, Jio going to launch 5G onto existing 4G spectrum?

Bharti Airtel recently have tested their 5G network on existing 4G 1800Mhz spectrum, and had achieved speeds up to 400Mbps. They had done with the help of dynamic spectrum allocation, which allowed them to use existing network to be converted to a next-gen network.

Whereas, Reliance Jio have tested its 5G network in America, and have successfully achieved speeds of 1Gbps, which are blazing fast as compared to Airtel 5G speed test in India. But, the speeds which were achieved in America was with the help of 5G spectrum.

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As in India, spectrum auction is only going to be held for 4G spectrum, not 5G spectrum. Earlier, telecom companies were considering buying 700Mhz band 4G spectrum for their 5G launch, but after Airtel successful test of 5G on its 1800Mhz band, so companies might not consider buying 700Mhz spectrum for only dedicated launch of 5G.

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