4G VoLTE not working? Know how to get your VoLTE working at earliest.

4G VoLTE not working? Know how to get your VoLTE working at earliest.

4G VoLTE – What is, and why it is so important?

VoLTE is a term which defines the 4G connectivity of your device and allows you to use 4G internet while you are on your calls. In India, 4G VoLTE connectivity is provided by all the telecom operators like Airtel, BSNL, Jio and Vi. These all companies provide 4G sim, which are VoLTE ready.

How to get VoLTE enabled on your Android Mobile?

The basic requirement for the work of VoLTE is that you should be using a 4G VoLTE compatible handset. If you own it, that’s great, now follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to mobile settings.
  2. In Mobile settings, Find network settings.
  3. In network settings, find mobile network.
  4. Click on VoLTE option to turn it on.

If, you are still not able to use VoLTE on your device. Try restarting it or switching off your mobile, taking your sim out of mobile, cleaning with a microfiber cloth and putting back into the mobile.

Till now you should get your 4G VoLTE turned on in your mobile. If not, then what you have to do is, call 198 from the phone number who’s VoLTE service is not working. If you are using Jio, then you can use Jio Calls app till then, else Vi, Airtel or BSNL calls will be made by 3G or 2G. Just try to get into the contact of customer care, by trying any option. Now, you have to just tell your VoLTE issue to the customer support team of that network and they will register the complaint regarding that. The maximum wait time for VoLTE to get activated by the network’s end will be around 4 to 7 days.

If you are still not able to use VoLTE, then you can try reaching the network operator at their social media handles or you can get in direct contact to the network retail store, the persons there will help you too.

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