Whats the speed of 5G in India? – Airtel, Jio & Vi

Whats the speed of 5G in India? – Airtel, Jio & Vi

All the telecom companies of India, has tested their 5G spectrum alomg with their execution technique. In this Bharti Airtel was the first Telecom operator to test its 5G in India by the use of their existing 4G spectrum, the technique they used is known as DSR (Dynamic Spectrum Refarming). Where as Jio has tested its network with 5G compatiblity as they tested that in USA and acheived the speed of 1Gbps. 

Airtel recently has tested its 5G network in Hyderabad and a few days ago in Manesar where Airtel achieved the speeds of more than 1.2Gbps. Recently Vi India has tested its network in Gujrat, where it was able to achieve the speeds of 3.7Gbps which is highest in India. Whereas Vi India was the last company to test 5G, whereas Airtel and Jio had already tested out 5G in a more proper manner, that to earlier than Vi. 

But, if the teleco’s will use MM wawe technology, then it is possible to achieve more speeds, but in 5G sub 6 Ghz the speeds will wawe around 300 Mbps – 1.8 Gbps which would be at the peak in Sub 6 Ghz. Whereas in MM wawe technology the telco’s can achieve the speeds upto 8 Gbps that too without no fluctuations in the speed.

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