Is Windows Defender (Security) enough for our PC Security? Can we use it as a Primary Antivirus?

Is Windows Defender (Security) enough for our PC Security? Can we use it as a Primary Antivirus?

Windows Defender was coming to people knowledge at the time when Windows 7 became popular, from then till now millions of people only rely on the Windows Defender. But on the contrary, some of the users prefer to use another Antivirus application like Quick heal Antivirus, Kaspersky and many others.

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 were the Windows which were used in most less devices, as people prefer to use Windows 7 rather than Windows 8, because of its tile’s feature some of the users found it difficult to use. Even the Windows Security wasn’t working properly with that Windows.

Now, the most recent and most widely used Windows 10 is a great work done by Microsoft, and with this window’s version approximately more than 70% people prefer to use only Windows defender (Security), as Microsoft team update its security intelligence version nearly every few hours, whenever you check for a update, you will most likely to see a Windows Defender security update.

It depends upon the user’s choice to believe the Windows Defender only or to keep a Antivirus application and pay for it. Now a days you can get a great offer with VPN, as now most of the companies provide a free Antivirus with the VPN service or they offer it for a extreme low rate.

But according to my own choice Windows Defender is the best Antivirus available for free with the Microsoft Windows 10, Now as Windows 11 is releasing, let us all see what are the new improvements in the Antivirus application in that.

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