Best Postpaid Plans in India for Single Person

Best Postpaid Plans in India for Single Person

Reliance Jio is famous for its cheaper plans throughout India. But do we know that which telecom company provides the best postpaid plans to us? Yes the answer you were thinking is right. Jio is the only service provider who provides the best in class postpaid plans around you.

Jio is the only company which has the most exciting and the cheapest postpaid plan for you if you are the limited internet user like me, who only uses mobile internet up-to 30Gb a month, and uses the Wi-Fi mostly. Before proceeding further let us know what is Jio providing to us and at what cost.

Jio most cheapest plan starts from Rs 199 + 18% tax, but there’s a catch, you will not get any OTT apps subscription with it. If you want the OTT apps subscription like Amazon Prime, Netflix Mobile, & Disnep + Hotstar, then you have to spend some money around ₹472 which is including all the taxes. This plan is of ₹399 + 18% tax, and gives you the benefits of Netflix Mobile which costs you ₹ 199 a month, Amazon Prime ( Prime Music + Prime Video ) which is ₹129 a month & full 1 year Disnep + Hotstar member ship, although its the mobile membership, but cost’s ₹399 a year. So, when you pay ₹472 for first month, R. Jio provides benefits worth more than you gives the money to the company.

So, as per my analysis, if you are a single person or owns a single number and whishing to go for a plan which is best for your pocket and you, then you should might think of this plan.

Note: This is not kind of any promotional service of any company. This is the truth which is being presented to you all, by me. Due to my research and analysis I came to a decision, not to promote and just to present the truth in front of you all. Thank You.

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