Excitel Fiber Broadband Detail Explained

Excitel Fiber Broadband – Detailed Explained

Excitel Fiber Broadband is the new Technology with which Fiber connections are brought to the customer’s home. This is FTTH technology (Fiber to the Home) which is very much useful in providing fast internet speeds and great connectivity. Excitel is extending its broadband services throughout Delhi and Hyderabad.

Earlier Excitel Broadband uses Copper Connectivity to provide its internet services to the users. Users were using the CAT5 copper connection to use the internet. This connection was always disturbed whenever there’s bad weather. So they have figured it out by getting the new Technology of FTTH for the customers. Now customers can enjoy Fiber connectivity at home by getting this installed via new connection or customer can get it upgraded.

For the upgrade to a new Fiber connection, the user has to log in to Excitel Web Portal and Register himself for the upgrade. Then Excitel will get in touch with the particular user, with its provided details there. You can go to https://my.excitel.com/ftth or you can go to there web portal https://my.excitel.com/.

Excitel Fiber VS Excitel Copper CAT5E

Excitel Fiber is the latest with FTTH technology which helps the user to surf the internet at great speeds and help maintains great connectivity. Whereas the copper connection was used in old times when FTTH Technology was not available to us. Copper connectivity was not reliable as compared to FTTH. The signal can get be interrupted in Copper due to bad weather or climate conditions but Fiber connectivity doesn’t get disturbed by the bad weather or any other climate conditions. FTTH can overcome all the problems of speed, connectivity, ping loss, and connection loss.

What Excitel says about is Fiber Broadband.

Excitel Fiber

Excitel Fiber is a new ultra-high speed Broadband Internet service specially designed for home, delivered through end to end fiber optical network.

Excitel Fiber provides NO FUP speeds starting from 100 Megabits and up to 1 Gigabit (1000 Megabits) per second which enables unlimited 4K videos without buffering.

It’s pure Fiber To the Home (FTTH) technology that combines unimaginable speeds with high stability of the connection that doesn’t depend on the weather conditions and power fluctuations.

Excitel Fiber Benefits

  • Ultra high-speed 100-1000 Mbps
  • Pure fiber – no fluctuations from weather or electrical power
  • No FUP, 4K quality without buffering.

Excitel Fiber in your area: AVAILABLE
Refundable security deposit: Based on the ONU device selected
Fiber device: FREE
Upgrade time: within 30 days

Due to very high demand, the installation will happen within 30 days after the application. Your current service will be uninterrupted.


*Price is exclusive of taxes.
*Refundable security deposit based on ONU device selected.
*No installation fee or any additional cost for an upgrade from existing service to Excitel Fiber.
*All Speeds advertised are guaranteed only on Wired Connectivity (Ethernet cable) to the Router. Speeds over WiFi might vary based on many factors.

More Information about Excitel Fiber:

Go to: https://www.excitel.com/fiber/

Excitel Fiber Plans

You can contact Excitel by calling on there Customer care number to book or upgrade the connection to Excitel Fiber.

To know customer care number, you can go to https://my.excitel.com/login

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