Jio Giga Fiber VS ACT Fibernet detail explained.

Jio Giga Fiber

Jio Giga Fiber was Officially released on 5th September 2019, its pricing is comparatively high than that of ACT Fibernet and data capping is low compared to all other operators at this price. Here below are the Jio Giga Fiber Plans, which they say are prepaid but they also take GST extra 18%. That is that these all prices like 699Rs, 849Rs, and others does not contain GST.

Jio Giga Fiber Plans are not providing value for money, though all plans of it provide free voice calling and some other services. If you see that in 699Rs plan you are getting only 100Gb for a month, that’s up to you how you consume either full in a day or day. Whereas you can either choose a 4Gb/day plan from Jio at only 509Rs for a month (28 days).

This above image shows the plan in which you get more data than 100Gb a month but the condition is there is a monthly capping on to it that you can use it 4Gb daily.

Act Fibernet

Act Fibernet is one of the largest company of India providing internet to millions of homes. They have a base plan of 100 Mbps with 100Gb a month with a very low rate compared to Jio Giga Fiber. ACT Fibernet plan prices vary from cities to cities. As in New Delhi ACT Fibernet provide 100Mbps base plan as DELACT SILVER/PLATINUM PROMO, Silver promo plan is the base plan which provides 500Gb of Data with 100Mbps of Speed. Unless of fiber they also use copper wiring for their internet installation.

ACT Plan has GST extras like if you have the plan of 749 then you have to pay the amount nearly 885Rs per month. It’s a pre-paid monthly payment. It provides the facility to upgrade the plan at any point of time and even buys extra data if you run out of data. The extra data is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

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