Keep you and your phone free from Germs

Kill your phone germs with an ANTIBACTERIAL gel spray, get your phone sanitized.

Dirty Phones

We do use our phones everywhere in public transports, public washrooms and even while on a busy public spot. Do you ever have to think that our phones may be dirty and have a greasy type of dust on it? Yes, our phones get dirty every day as we use them with unwashed hands and sometimes even while eating. You may have been ever gone to a public utility and may have used your phone even there. But no one knows that our phones have much more germs than a public washroom. Our phone ideally has 25,000 germs/cm on the phone screen. Whereas on the public utility has very less number of germs compared to this.

Sanitization Requirements

According to a report which came out in 2018, our phones must be sanitized and then used. It should be sanitized every day if your phone gets in some other hands. Even you can sanitize it on a weekly basis. There are many products available online and offline, you can try using them. But keep one thing in mind that all phone cleaners are not phone sanitizers. Do purchase a quality product from where ever you buy.

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