What Internet speed do I need?

What Internet speed do I need?

What is Internet?

The term internet means networks of networks. When two or more computers connected together to make a network, similarly more and more networks when combined together form the internet. Internet is a basic need in 2021, as we all are connected via means of the internet. Being a student requires a total of 24 hours of internet connectivity, as they have to do attend classes through online medium, maybe via recorded videos or live lectures by the Teachers. Whereas we adults need high speed and reliable internet too, as we all are doing work from home.

What is a reliable internet connection?

In our world, there is nothing totally reliable, not even the Internet backbone. Yes, the internet backbone sometimes has to face connectivity issues that may be caused by natural calamities. So, we have to search for an Internet Service Provider (ISP), which provides the best internet facility in the area we are currently residing. Taking an example of India, we are having multiple ISP’s in one particular area, for example, Jio Fiber, Airtel X Stream Fiber, ACT Fibernet, Commway Fiber, Hathway, Nextra Fiber, Den Boom Band, TataSky Broadband, etc. Now, we have to decide which is the best and reliable among the given above. Reliability is based upon, how much your connection has uptime. For the case of reliability, you can ask your neighbors, which internet company they are using and what is their experience with it. 

What is the FUP (data limit) which is required?

Data limit usually depends upon what kind of a person you are and what is your work-life profession. If the work-life profession is Legal or related to Documentation, then you may not require data more than 50 – 200 Gb a month. Whereas, if you are a tech-savvy, geeky person then you may need a higher FUP like 500 – 1000 Gb a month. In all the other cases like watching and chilling at home, like-wise using Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, and other OTT platforms, you may need a data capacity of around 300 – 500 Gb at most, even you are watching movies or web-series at 4K HDR10.

What internet speed do I need?

As above, we had learned about how much FUP is required. In the same way, we will learn about, what internet speed I should consider buying from the ISP. Now, we should know what kind of things we are going to use in a month. Like if we are watching Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime considering all at 4K HDR, even uploading the videos to YouTube. We should be going with plans ranging from speeds 50 to 150 Mbps. Now consider another scenario, if we are working in a company that requires heavy downloads and uploads of files within seconds or minutes then you should consider going with plans having speeds greater than or equal to 300 Mbps, with a higher FUP, or with Unlimited data.

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