Which Internet browser we should use?

Which Internet browser we should use?

What is a Web Browser?

A Web Browser is a application which allows the end user to surf websites by using the Internet connection. Basically, a Web Browser connects the user computer to the ISP node and from there the connection is established from the ISP node to the Web Server. Then the web server processes the data required and send it back to the end user. This is how a browser works.

Which Internet browser we should actually use?

Considering the market of Web Browsers, we are having multiple of them with their various versions. Considering Google’s own web browser which is Google Chrome, it is currently most used web browser which is running on billions of devices at this time. There are many other browsers too, which provide you with some extra functionalities even more than Google chrome, like Opera Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Opera GX, Google Chromium, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc. 

Now, coming to this which web browser is better, its up to you for example if you would like to use extensions like Honey (discount coupon provider), Grammarly, etc then you should consider Google Chrome. But if you are a tech-savvy or a gamer person like me then you should consider using Opera GX, as it allows you more control over your web browser, like controlling RAM, CPU usage, & Bandwidth control. But, the main thing which you will most like about it is that you get a free built in VPN (Virtual Private Network).

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