Which is better ? A 100 Mbps Fiber Broadband Connection OR Vi Postpaid ₹699 Plan ?

Which is better ? A 100 Mbps Fiber Broadband Connection OR Vi Postpaid ₹699 Plan ?

Broadband is much better option in Internet connectivity, when compared to 4G mobile data. Most of the Broadband providers provide a 30 Mbps, 40 Mbps, and 100 Mbps plans for just upto ₹799 + 18% taxes. The famous Broadband providers include Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio, Tata Play and ACT Fibernet, there are a lot more local ISP’s who provide the same speed with same data capacity, but at lower rates. 

Now, when we come to Vi India Postpaid Unlimited ₹699 plan, it comes with 4G speed data through out India, the 4G/3G/2G speeds can vary from place to place. Now, Vi India is one of the largest telecom operator in India, earlier its merger, there were two companies Vodafone India and Idea Cellular. But, after its sucessful merger in 2019, the company got itself renamed as Vi India. Company has the highest data uploading speeds comparing to other telecom operators like Airtel, Jio & BSNL. 

So, let us come back to the same question. Which is better ? Vi India Postpaid ₹699 Unlimited 4G data plan or a fixedline broadband plan of upto 100 Mbps ? We, have a clear cutt answer for this query. So, lets discuss us this in the form of differences. 

Vi India ₹699 Postpaid UnlimitedFixedline upto 100 Mbps Broadband
Offer’s Unlimited Mobile Data with capping upto 2000 GB.Offer’s Unlimited Broadband Data with capping upto 3333 GB.
Internet facility is mobile (you can use it any where throughout in India)Internet facility is fixed (you can use it in a particular area or a location)
Offers the highest speed of 4G, i.e. upto 150 Mbps.Offers the highest speed which you have opted for, i.e. upto 100 Mbps.
Speeds may vary at different time and locations.Speed remains same throughout day and night, if you connect the WiFi through 5 GHz band.
You can use the internet on upto 32 devices simultenously by creating WiFi hotspot through your mobile device.You have to buy a new WiFi router or Modem of your own, but some companies provide their own, and you can connect upto 256 devices.

The above mentioned differences do matter a lot when compared with each person case. So, let us guide you which you should pick and why you should pick ? Firstly, when you are a person who is a student, employee or a person who travels a lot should consider Vi India ₹699 Postpaid Plan. In othercase, if you are a person who spends mostly time at your home, office or any other location should consider a Fixedline Broadband WiFi with speeds upto 100 Mbps, which is sufficient for most of the cases. 

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