How to use Amazon Pay UPI, as well another UPI’s?

How to use Amazon Pay UPI, as well another UPI’s?

Amazon is the largest E Commerce website in the world. It provides variety of products at affordable price. Amazon had launched its UPI services a while ago, but still many customers don’t know exactly how to use it. In this post I will be telling you that, how you can use Amazon Pay UPI and get the chance to avail the best offers present for the prime customers. Before starting with UPI, let me firstly tell you the full form of UPI, which is Unified Payments Interface. Now, get started towards making your first ever UPI id.

To use Amazon Pay UPI, firstly you have to download Amazon Official app from Google Play Store or App Store. After downloading & installing it in your device, now you have to login with your Email Id and Password, if you didn’t have registered on Amazon yet, get yourself registered there first. After the successful login to Amazon app, now click on the menu options (at top left side), after that click on Amazon Pay. Now you will see three buttons named as Amazon Pay Balance, Amazon Pay UPI and Amazon Pay ICICI card. Now out of these three, click on Amazon Pay UPI and get started with the UPI registration. 

For UPI registration, you need a bank account of type Savings, Salary or Current. You should have your primary phone number linked to your bank account. After knowing these details, now let us come back to Amazon Pay UPI, and get started with the registration of Amazon Pay UPI. Firstly, it will ask you for sending message from your mobile number to verify with all the details, required to start with UPI. After that now you would have to select your bank and choose from many options available there. After you have selected your bank, it will automatically connect to your account and provide you a Id or a UPI code like this 9829367745@apl (here, mobile number would be your’s, followed by @apl, which stands for Amazon Pay). 

Now you are started to the UPI, before making your first purchase, or sending money to anyone, you have to set a UPI passcode, which may be 4 or 6 digits long. Please do not share your UPI Passcode, or bank details with anyone, as it may lead to financial loss. If, you have already setted that, then you could start trying your first payment. If you are still worried about using online services like UPI, you may consider sending your money from a UPI linked bank, to your another bank account, starting with a small amount like Rs 1. It may help you gain confidence using online and secured services like UPI. 

Using Amazon Pay UPI, you will find easy to shop online at Amazon and pay bills and do recharges online. If, you are a Amazon Prime customer, then you may get special offers, which will help you get cashbacks for some recharges and bill payments, like Landline, Broadband, Mobile/DTH recharge, etc. Even if you, play games like spin the wheel, Quizzes etc, you may win rewards or offers which you can redeem using your UPI, like you may get flat Rs 25 off on sending/transfering money to bank account, etc.

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