Installing WordPress on your Server

Installing WordPress on your Server

Create a CPanel E-mail

Go to the E-mail section in your CPanel of your hosting account. Click on create an Email. Fill up the required information like Email ID and your hosted domain, password, First Name, Last Name, etc. After filling up these details just click on create.

Go to Application Installer

The application installer some times known as Installatron on some of the hosting providers like GoDaddy. Go there and choose WordPress from the icon like Installing WordPress on Server  and then click it. Click on install WordPress and start filling up the details. Be sure to choose from between https:// or http://, as https makes a website secure but requires an SLL certificate as http doesn’t secure the website and doesn’t require SLL certificate.

If you have a manual database then unselect manage all things like sending an email, database creation, timely backups, etc. After unchecking that, go to the database section and fill out all the database details as required.


After you have followed the above steps carefully if you got a Username and a Password on your registered Email ID use that on login into your WordPress website. How to go to your WordPress Website link? The format is given below: or

You can use your link in this particular format and go to WP-ADMIN section and Log In there. After logging in you can start building your WordPress Website.

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