5 Ways to Improve your WiFi speeds

5 Ways to Improve your WiFi speeds

There are several ways to improve you WiFi speeds, but before reading that please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for latest Tech Updates.

  1. If you are using an old WiFi router (which is old more than 2 years), then replace with a new one. 
  2. If you are using a new WiFi router and still facing slow speed issue. Then plug out your LAN cable which is inserted to the WiFi router, then wait for 30 seconds, then  plug in back again and check the WiFi speed. You can check the WiFi speed at www.speedtest.net
  3. If you have tried the above step, then now you can trying switching off the router for 15 minutes and switching it on again. As this will clear the old session at the ISP end, and will automatically allot a new session with a new dynamic IP address, if not buyed an static IP.
  4. If you have tried all the above and your router is placed at the position where there are no walls and not interfered by anything else, then try contacting your ISP, as there may some sort of issue at the ISP end.
  5. If your ISP have solved the problem of the slow speed, then that’s great you don’t need to go further, else you can get your router checked by the customer care of the particular company.
  6. Before implementing the step 5, please check that are you getting the speed, of the plan you have opted for on the LAN cable. This you can do by, directly connecting LAN cable to your laptop or desktop and checking the speed by visiting this website SpeedTest by Ookla.

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