Facing Network Issues – How to Solve Network Problem.

Facing Network Issues – How to Solve Network Problem.

Are you facing Network Issues? Then read this post till the end, to know how to solve the network issue at a particular location. 

Mobile Network Issue is now a basic problem which everyone is facing. But it actually depends on that, Do you face the issue all the time? or You just face the network issue at any instance of time. These both cases are different from each other, mentioned before. 

Let us firstly know how to resolve the network issue at an instance of time. If you face the network issue like No Network Reception, Mobile Internet not working, Unable to make or receive calls or any other, you can check on downdetector.com, here you can check that is there anyone else than you facing the problem at the same location. Here on downdetector.com , you can report the network issue you are facing. As the number of reports increases its seems that in actual there is an issue by a company. The other way to report the network issue is either you can call the company’s customer care or you can contact them via there Official Twitter Handle. The customer service helpline numbers can be found on the specific company’s official website. 

Now come to the other network condition where you never receives network reception or you receive very low signal strength. Here you can do one thing on your own, You can install mobile signal booster with which your network problem will be resolved automatically. But the network received by mobile signal booster can only be used for calling not for proper data purposes. This means you will be able to browse the internet, but you will not be able to enjoy FHD or HD videos on 3G & 4G. Mobile network boosters are not harmful for our body. It usually can be bought in the price starting from Rs 7,999 to 79,999 , the price can vary from company to company and their product offers. 

The another way is that you can complaint that particular issue to the particular company customers care or you can contact directly to them via Twitter Handle. Please make sure that the address mentioned via booking of the mobile number should be same as the residing address. You can give all the details which the customer care of the company asks for. Provide the correct details to the company. 

Please be aware of this kind of frauds where the executive tells as they will install a signal booster of the Telecom company, or the will install a tower nearby your house and try to take some money. Please don’t give money to any of these executives who tells you either they are of any telecom operator in India. 

Note: This information should be used only for educational and informational purposes. We do not promote any kind of technology or the company. If you contact to any of the mobile signal booster company via online or offline medium, it will be all on your own risks. We are not at all responsible for any loss which is made to you. We are only trying to share the information with you which we have. If you want to us to add more relevant detail you can contact us by the comment section below. 

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